Walter Salles adaptation Jack Kerouac’s On The Road has not been reviewed kindly so far, with even the positive critiques suggesting it’s a handsome film that is pleasant in its own ways rather than being an effective adaptation. At this point the story will sadly be the tainted coming out party for Kristen Stewart, who likely took on the role with similar intentions as Pattinson had jumping into Cronneberg’s Cosompolis. Unfortunately, her recent controversies might see this film’s content being spun outside of her favor.

Regardless, the trailer is well cut, and shows off the film’s mood and photography well enough, without failing to promise plenty of sweaty young people action and character actor cameos. I’m eager –if not slobbering– to see if for myself, and audiences in the limited markets it hits will get the chance January 11th of next year. I’m sure there’s a festival appearance or two between now and then though, so perhaps a different setting or second round of reviews will shift the film’s reputation a bit?

You can keep up with the film on Facebook here, though the page’s official posts are rather sparse.