is never a good time to have Mötley Crüe in a movie trailer. Or on Earth. That said, the trailer for Shoot ‘Em Up looks pretty fun. Some folks had told me the footage was the best thing since gash, which might be stretching the truth a little, but it’s pretty fun regardless.

How can the idea of Paul Giamatti (gnashing to the right) and Clive Owen running around with guns not have some value? It seems like a little Lone Wolf and Cub, a little Hard Boiled, and a little of what made Smokin’ Aces a bit o’ guilty pleasure. Mayhem.

Plus, it’s produced by Don Murphy (friend of CHUD, if you can believe that!) and Jeff Katz, a man who tried his damndest to convince New Line that audiences are ready for a giant shark movie [Note to New Line: DUH. I must bite my tongue, but if MEG isn’t a no-brainer I don’t know what is.]. These guys know what’s fun and don’t seem content to just deliver another pile of mindless drivel.

Did I mention that Monica Bellucci’s cuddly knockers are in this too?

Dig the trailer here.