McPhee. Sans cleavage.After having lost American Idol, Clay Aiken style (I lost, but I’m loved!), Katherine McPhee is doing what any Southern California resident aspires to – acting. Of course, other less fortunate and less attractive Southern Californians have to work tables at The Peach Pit and struggle and sleep with unattractive people in their quest for stardom, but Katherine…no way. The world saw you sing and look all smoldery. Enjoy a few scripts.

Fat stack of scripts in hand, Katherine McPhee has made her choice. Since you’re dying to know, I won’t bait with suspense. The winner is… a dark comedy called The Last Caller. Huge!

Actually, from the sound of things, the project is being produced by some solid folks with some decent work under their belts, including Hilary Shor (of Children of Men) and Robert Hawk (Chasing Amy). Then again, unless you’re Jerry Bruckheimer or Joel Silver, the whole "brought to you by the producer of…" means nothing, so there you go.

McPhee has been cast for the part of one of those kind of gals who likes things their way– i.e.- egotistical bitches. Like most egotistical bitches, she’s looking for someone (besides herself) to call her own and reassure her of her greatness. Amidst all that is a search for meaning as she runs into other wandering urbanites looking for the same. Sounds pretty damn exciting– especially with McPhee’s assertion that the character is all dark and something people wouldn’t expect from her.

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to McPhee maybe saying a naughty word or drinking a wine cooler or something edgy like that. That’d be crazy dark.

When not entertaining film scripts that push the limits of untested screen presence, Katherine basks in the glow of her questionably popular album and wipes her butt with all the cash Taylor Hicks thought he’d be making. Where’s your Soul Patrol now, you crazy bastard?

The Last Caller will begin shooting in fabulous New York City sometime this fall.