Just finished my first night of all the Dead Space shenanigans over at EA Redwood. Things that happened tonight-

-Talked with an audio guy from Dead Space who, despite his best efforts to hide what’s going on, did nothing but get me more and more hyped for this game. It really does sound incredible. Hour and a half of playtime tomorrow, so full impressions are on the way.

- Ate a delicious BQQ diner at the company. Ribs, salmon, steak. Oh, and cupcakes!

- Watched a double feature of genre films in EA’s amazing HD theater, while drinking every beer I could find. (Oh yeah, we had snacks and drinks on hand for all the festivities.) First film? Evil Dead 2.

-Was completely shocked after watching said film when half of the people in the audience raised their hands after being asked if anyone had never seen it before. Did you not have childhoods? Where the hell are you from? Is this seriously a bigger epidemic than I thought? Who could possibly not be familiar with this film?

- Watched the second film (Sunshine) and actually appreciated it more than I did the first time I saw it. Perhaps it was due to the great surround sound and visuals in the theater. But when it turns into a bad Nightmare on Elm Street ripoff the film still loses it for me. Why does every Danny Boyle film except Trainspotting start off really, really good and then shit the bed?
-Drank wayyy too much alcohol and have barely a buzz. Damn my tolerance for beer! Becoming a huge fan of Hefe Weiss- the Pyramid on display here was tasty as hell.

- Met some incredibly cool guys from (competing?) websites, such as Spooky Dan from BD. Always funny to see how people act in these social settings, and how the waitstaff (man oh man were the guys fawning after this waitress) always seems a little confused by this large group of man-children.

Going to bed now to wake up early for a whole day of Dead Space mania. Can’t wait.