gets all nostalgic for 80s garbage like The Goonies or The Monster Squad… but I almost never see swooning for legitimate 80s classics like Better Off Dead or One Crazy Summer, both directed by Savage Steve Holland. OK, maybe I see some love for Better Off Dead, but less than I would like considering it’s one of the great comedies of that decade.

Savage Steve Holland has been away from feature films for 18 years, believe it or not, spending his time working on TV shows like Even Stevens and Lizzie Maguire – truly a waste of time for a man who made one of the few PG movies to ever feature an unsubtle coke joke. But now he’s coming back, thanks to Warren Zide, a producer of American Pie and the guy behind

The film is called The Big One 3, and is a script that has been sitting on Holland’s shelf for a while. "This is based on a true events in Savage’s life," Zide said. "When he was a kid, he had his 13th birthday party and the only one that showed up was a clown, and all that that guy did was hit on his sister." In the movie a man who had a rotten 13th birthday goes to extreme lengths to make sure his son’s 13th is a good day.

"The world needs another Savage movie, done today for today’s generation," Zide said. "This is classic Savage."

I couldn’t agree more. Zide insists that the movie is in line with Holland’s other two films, saying it makes a Savage Steve Holland trilogy (I guess he’s not counting the fairly good How I Got Into College, which Holland didn’t write). I hope that The Big One 3 is the kind of movie that will forever twist the minds of teens in the same way that Holland’s other movies changed me for the better.