I saw the below Texas Chainsaw 3D poster making the rounds yesterday but wanted to share it again here because it’s both awesome and probably the best promotional work a Massacre film has had since Part 2.

The poster for the original (pictured left) is, in this contributor’s opinion, the greatest piece of film promotion ever put to paper. With a scant few words and one disturbingly evocative image, you’d know everything you needed to in the lead-up to the first Massacre. The below image doesn’t come anywhere near that feat of greatest, but it’s playing with some pretty cool iconography. This latest effort by director John Luessenhop (Takers, ugh) supposedly disregards everything except the ’74 film, and I like the thought that Leatherface has been very busy in the years since. Not a fan of dropping “Massacre” from the title, but I understand the sensitivity and timing of the issue.

Just pray you don’t hear about someone getting hacked to pieces with a chainsaw on the news in the coming months. Texas 3D doesn’t have quite the same ring to it:

Source: Fangoria