Martin McDonagh has already shown us that you don’t need no trailers, posters, hype, or asshole spinning a sign on the side of the road to warrant a “must see” status for his films. That’s how good In Bruges is.

Everything we’ve seen for his upcoming Seven Psychopaths confirms such a broad level of instant acceptance. Colin Farrell was gold in the writer/director’s hands last time around, Sam Rockwell is a sure thing, Christopher Walken is kismet for this genre, and Woody Harrelson just continues to excel.

The film does have a mid 90’s feel to it based on the first looks. It’s kinda quirky cute in the same manner than many post Pulp Fiction flicks were. But once again. It’s a lock.

Now there’s a red band trailer courtesy of Yahoo and it ups the ante a bit. Especially in allowing us to witness Walken’s character’s opinion on the police. Watch it: