Cutie.The only time I’ve seen the HBO polygamy series Big Love was when I caught Bill Paxton’s hairy ass-crack and dangling balls hopping into bed on top top of Ginnifer Goodwin. I remember thinking, "If I ever wanted to know what a prison-eyed view of Bill Paxton’s nutsack looks like, there you go… but hey- isn’t that Johnny Cash’s dumped wife from Walk The Line?" Sure enough, it was Ginnifer Goodwin.

Getting dumped by Joaquin as Cash and being leapt on by Paxton’s flailing junk is working all kinds of magic for the young thespian. That and I guess being a cutie with a knack for elliciting sympathy doesn’t hurt the cause either. Ginnifer (like Jennifer, but with an alcoholics twist) has been cast in the star-filled indie comedy Laws Of Motion.

Ginnifer is a late addition as a "free-spirited" sister who wreaks havoc on her brother, already saddled with a loathing for both his career and the neighborhood he lives in. The Craig Lucas-directed gig has already been filled out with the likes of (as mentioned) Matthew Perry (the sure-to-be franticaly neurotic brother), Hillary Swank and Ben Foster (Fly away, Angel!) and plans to shoot in ESPN’s home state of Connecticut.

The ESPN reference? No relevancy whatsoever.