It’s Monday, so I don’t have anywhere near the thick skin that I’d have on a Wednesday or Thursday, so I don’t have what it takes to dress up the spec script that’s just been picked up by Disney for Scott Rudin to produce.  

All About Adam, by Alan Schoolcraft and Brent Simons, will follow a row that takes place in the Garden of Eden, prompting Eve to flee to modern day New York City. Adam follows, realizes that Satan was behind the whole thing, further realizes that he prefers a nice bagel and lox to Eve’s cooking.

Done right, this idea very obviously has massive bearing on the lives of modern Christians. The men will be heartened to know that, as far back as the First Couple, shit just wasn’t their fault, while the women will be reassured that going shopping in the city is, as Barbie has always intimated, a great cure for a break-up. For everyone else, there are simple and entertaining questions to be answered: what sort of awesome time machine does Eve use to get to Manhattan, and so forth.

Granted, if anyone can spin this into palatable mainstream entertainment it’s Scott Rudin. He’s worked on a massive truckload of good pictures, with notable directors including the Coen brothers, Wes Andderson and Richard Linklater. But then he also made Orange County and The Stepford Wives, so you decide which way this one is going to fall.