Lookin’ for keys.

A little over two years ago a reading of a Black List script from 2009 at the Austin Film Festival caught my attention as it featured Scott Pilgrim star¬†Aubrey Plaza diving into a raunchy comedy about a teenage girl looking to run down a list of sex acts before hitting college. The reading went well, and the project managed to keep up momentum and become a little indie comedy, The To Do List, that’s put out a red-band trailer today, introduced by Aubrey herself.

The tone is definitely cute-raunchy, and it is ultimately a gimmicky “list” rom-com, but the script is supposed to be stellar, and the cast has certainly been upgraded to include the likes of Clark Gregg, Bill Hader, Andy Samberg, Donald Glover, and a bunch more folks from the modern stand-up scene and TV comedy.

I can’t imagine too many of you are going to complain about seeing Aubrey Plaza engage in a heap of sex acts, though the 90s setting and general tone seem to be engineered to excise as much titillation as possible.

Still, rim jobs and stuff. Super hot.

The film hits next year on Valentine’s Day, as the trailer makes rather clear…


via /Film & BAD