degrees of Kevin Bacon is one of the great games of all time (although you can play it with just about anyone. My brother has a friend who does Six Degrees of Abbott and Costello*), and now the actor is about to get himself a couple of degrees closer to Oscar gold: Bacon has signed on to Frost/Nixon, the adaptation of the wildly popular play that is sure to attract awards like Dane Cook attracts fratboys.

You can get the lowdown on Frost/Nixon from Jeremy’s Crop Report on the script right here; I’m bummed that he’s down on the script because I really want to like this movie, even with Ron Howard in the director’s chair.

Bacon will be playing Nixon’s chief of staff, Jack Brennan. Shooting on the picture starts later this summer.

*He did it with me:

1 You were in Heckler with Larry Flint
2 Who played the judge in The People vs Larry Flint which was directed by
Milos Foreman
3 Who directed One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest which starred Jack Nicholson
4 Who was in The Raven with Boris Karloff
5 Who was in Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde with Abbott and Costello