A Marvel Universe television series has been in the works for some time and, with the studio gobbled up by Disney, it was always going to find its home on ABC. Just what segment of the MCU the show would tackle has been a relative mystery though, with the most common guess being what has turned out to be true: S.H.I.E.L.D. will be Marvel’s Studios first live-action show, and it will go to pilot immediately.

As promised, Joss Whedon will be the show’s Godfather  –writing, executive producing, and likely directing the pilot– while Joss’ brother Jed will co-write along with Maurissa Tancharoen, There’s no word yet on what kind of story the show will tackle, where it might fall in the timeline, how heavily Sam Jackson will be involved, and what kind of cameos can be expected from established heroes.

Expect this to move very quickly.

So is this what we were all hoping for? This show was always going to be something Human-level that could keep to a budget and play out its spectacle in stops and starts, so there’s no reason to be the least bit surprised. The Marvel live-action shorts have set a precedent for playing around in the S.H.I.E.L.D.-verse, and at this point Marvel’s roadmap is already dense enough without them diving into entirely unexplored territory in a new format. This is not to say I wouldn’t have been interested in something more darring or weird but, come on, it’s their first TV show and it’s going to be on ABC.

With Whedon being an old hand at making television (but finally blessed with a surefire hit that will have some life to it) and having already knocked The Avengers out of a modest park, you have every right to get excited. So hop to it.


Source | Deadline