Turns out today is a good one for finding out what could have been, as an Avengers deleted scene reveals how that film originally began, and some concept art from Prometheus demonstrates an alternate approach to one of its monsters. Director judgement calls prevented both concepts from making it in front of us in theaters, but I think it’s fair to say both weren’t much more than a coin flip away. Take a look…

Original Avengers Opening

Included as past of the many deleted scenes on the new Avengers Blu-ray is the original opening, which feature Agent Maria Hill answering questions atop grave images of destruction and forelorn superheroes. I think the extended, zooming establishing shot of a city might have recalled a certain watchful protectors film more than Whedon would have liked, and the tone seems a hair disjointed from the exuberance at the film’s ending, but it was an interesting idea nonetheless.

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Alternate Prometheus Creature

Below you can see concept art for the approach to the bizarrely zombiefied Fifield character from WETA, who would have worked with plates that Ridley Scott actually shot during production. Their idea competed with the physical make-up version that was shot on set, and ultimately the practical approach won out, but I can’t say I would have blamed Ridley for going in the CG direction had he decided on this elongated, freaky beast.

That said, this moment is one of the more bizarre and forced moments of horror in the film, so piling on the oddity for the sake of creature spectacle wouldn’t have done Prometheus any favors. Cool design work from WETA (per usual) regardless.

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