Tell me if this shit doesn’t sound ripped straight from the 90s (which it is)…

Beached centers on a chubby 4-year-old child who falls overboard during a family outing, is raised by whales and goes on to become an Olympic swimmer.

While that logline sounds like it is based mostly around the 5 minute gag that sets-up a Will Ferrell comedy about a pro swimmer who yells a lot, apparently it’s the pitch that has gotten a script written in 1997 a new life. Written by Ted “Holy Shit, Did You Know The Guy Who Wrote Tower Heist Wrote Ocean’s 11 Griffin, the script never gained traction in the late-90s and languished until, presumably, excitement about Olympic swimming recently kickstarted studio interest.

A new draft of the script is being overseen by Jon Turtletaub, who has joined on as his follow up to Last Vegas, that Bucket List: Vegas Edition he’s been making with Freeman, De Niro, and Michael Douglas.

While easy to imagine this as a Klump-era comedy, it’s hard to imagine the film outside the Ferrell sporting-comedy paradigm these days. Again, the cute logline sounds too much like a gag, not a movie, so I guess we’ll see who they get involved to star. That will set the tone as much as anything.


Source | THR (via /Film)