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MSRP 14.98
RATED Not Rated
STUDIO Entertainment One
• Taxi Cab Interview with Donald Glover

The Pitch

With his unique brand of youthful storytelling Donald Glover brings down the house in his hysterical stand-up special Weirdo. Filmed at the Union Square Theatre in New York City, Glover invites the audience into his life, sharing everything from childhood tales about his unrequited love for Cocoa Puffs and trips to Home Depot to observations on ‘getting famous’, relationships, the N word and why kids are awful people. Smart and hip with a fresh approach to comedy, Donald presents a solid hour of his hilariously original wisecracking humor.

Every good comedy starts with the limo ride. This is one of NYC’s yellow limos.

The Humans

Donald Glover

The Nutshell

Stop, In the name of love……

The Lowdown

I know Donald Glover as Troy on Community. He has done a well received music CD and here he turns to comedy. A lot of scripted actors have a hard time with stand up, and a lot of comedians have a hard time with scripted comedy but Glover proves over the span of an hour that he definitely has the chops for stand up comedy.

I chose to review this DVD on a whim, as I have been pretty adamant about following comedians at times through my life, and am always open to laughter, though it is sometimes hard to come by. I like to see my comedy live though, and watch movies on my TV, so unless I have a reason I normally don’t go there. What I got was a good time that reminded me of glorious days past, of Murphy’s Delerious or Robin Williams on HBO. A time when I was too young to go to comedy bars but old enough to laugh when watching them on TV.

The next Spider-Man!!

Glover has great timing and delivery. He engages the audience often, and tells stories from the past and the present. He often talks about children, and from things I learned during his act, that is because his parents ran a daycare. The Home Depot story he tells is pure gold, and will stick with you long after the DVD has been removed from the player.

Please understand, his humor definitely verges on vulgar, so if you are expecting a Community style performance, you will be getting something much more raw and adult.

The Package

There really aren’t a lot of frills with this DVD, just an interview. It has close to 15 minutes of trailers before the show, and the trailers look like C-budget releases. To me, it added to the overall comedy experience.

This is a warning if you do not find Donald Glover funny!!!


Out of a Possible 5 Stars

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