That image sells this fun Facebook promotion better than anything, I suspect.

Cabin In The Woods –definitely one of the most fun, and possibly best, horror films in a long time– had a fairly successful theatrical run and seemed to make as much impact as it was ever destined to make with an audience-challenging premise and a long history of delay. The film’s life was always destined to be on home video, where enlightened fans can share it with skeptical friends and spread the joy.

The DVD also affords fans another oppotunity: the pause button! Featuring sequences densely-packed with horror imagination, searching HD frames for hidden details will be a lot of fun. To push the upcoming release though, Lionsgate has made the wise decision to leverage that huge closet of inventive/homage-tastic character in a Facebook event that pits them against each other, March Madness style.

A few square-offs have already been voted on and winners declared, but by liking the Cabin In The Woods Facebook Page you can keep up with all the rest.

I think I’d be down for the Unicorn to take it all home, personally. Merman is sure to be stiff competition though.

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