Scrubs - Season 5
Our man David Oliver recently gave the fifth season of NBC’s Scrubs the ol’ DVD review treatment, and had the following to say: "The review I completed right before this one was for a Seinfeld box set and most sitcoms would be shredded in direct comparison, but I think Scrubs embodies a lot about what made that show great and acquits itself quite well. But it takes several elements a couple of notches even further, particularly the zaniness and sheer number of jokes, and I’d dare say that the verbal sparring between characters, particularly with Cox, is right up there with Seinfeld. This is also simply an excellent show."

Gotta get yourself some of that action? Good news! We have copies of the fifth season box set to give away to a few lucky chewers. All you have to do to enter is send an e-mail to with "SCRUBS" in the subject line, and your most embarrassing daydream situation in the body. I won’t be judging on the quality of the daydream scenarios; I just like to make you guys stretch a little for the carrot.

I will notify the winners on Friday, June 8th. Get ye dreamin’!