Josh Phillips is a firecracker, and not in the fiery redheaded redneck whore manner. Well, he is a redheaded redneck whore, but he’s just the kind of wild card a movie like 11 Colonels ATTACK! needs. As Compost Larry, he’s a mixture of human oddity, sideshow freak, ripped and sexy nutcase, and somewhat inspiring folk hero. That has very little to do with the script, as Compost Larry is a blank page for Josh to run wild with. Run wild he does, in a beautiful way.

As we deliver the bum’s rush
to potential investors for 11 Colonels ATTACK! (CHUD Forum),
we’ll be offering a handful of offbeat, insightful, and often extremely
useless little webisodes for the world to enjoy or ignore. Here was the first. Here’s was the 2nd. Here is the latest.