Cartoon Overlord Jeffrey Katzenberg has looked down at the suffering caused on your Planet Earth by his unstoppable Shrek machine and he has taken pity upon you. The Supreme Cartoon Overlord has announced he will only inflict two more Shrek devastations upon you all.

Briefly making himself corporeal and taking his attention away from trying to sabotage Michael Eisner’s AOL show, Prom Queen (the Overlord will not rest until Eisner has been flayed from the very bones of reality!) The Supreme Cartoon Overlord deigned to make pronouncements unto The Age:

"It’s a finite story, has been from the beginning and I think that’s part of its integrity, part of its strength, that we’re not thinking this up as we go" he says.

The Supreme Cartoon Overlord furthermore explained what the point behind a Shrek prequel was. Many were shocked to discover that it wasn’t to finance the bio-engineering of a fleet of STD-resisting amphibious and hairless Phillipino cabana boys as a Geffen gift:

"Ultimately we will come back to understand how Shrek arrived in that swamp. We will reveal his story."

Truly, one of the great mysteries of our time shall be answered! The Shrek prequel will finally bring an end to the bitter fighting in our school districts between those who believe in Shrekvolution and those who believe in Shrektelligent Design. Hallelujah!