Small morsels today, but tasty nonetheless. T-A-S-T-E-Y.

Bethesda is gearing up to release a full-blown teaser for Fallout 3 next week, but in the meantime has been dribbling concept art around. Concept art is a funny thing; there’s even less of a guarantee that they’re representational of the actual game than with preview screenshots. They do, however, prey upon the rabid imaginations of fanboys shamelessly. (Limited by time, though; it’s boring to see concept art as an unlockable in a game when you’ve already experienced the concept fully-formed.) With this series of pictures my imagination has been reduced to the analogue of an antelope on the veldt.

Several developers at the Relic studios are apparently forming their own studio, which may or may not be called Smoking Gun Games. They certainly have a teaser website at This new, ephemeral studio is headed by John Johnson who produced Company of Heroes, which is a mighty fine game indeed. Do you feel the hype, yet?

I have fond memories of American McGee’s Alice, despite my general distaste for branding of that sort. For a long time, it seemed if McGee was fated to produce nothing else in his life, save malformed offspring with MacFarlane Toys. And Scrapland, but that wasn’t really his. And Bad Day L.A., which deserves your scorn. Now GameTap is announcing the rumored American McGee’s Grimm as one of their next projects in the GameTap Originals line. The game will further develop GameTap’s committment to episodic releases, being divided into 24 segments. If they keep to their release schedule, that means roughly two years of romping through the perverted wastelands of stories that actually don’t need much of McGee’s own brand of sacrilege, having been plenty perverted to begin with.

Speaking of GameTap, Joystiq has a brief interview with a pair of the company’s Vice-Presidents, the most interesting news from which is that wider Mac-support is expected this summer. The nature of episodic gaming is also discussed.

Do you remember that video of a fellow playing Warcraft III on a (sort of) multi-touch display? Microsoft wants you to associate their name with such displays, now.

And: more footage of BioShock! I can’t top that. Have a good Wednesday!