MSRP: $14.99
RUNNING TIME: 93 minutes
STUDIO: Arc Entertainment

  • “Making The Monster” featurette
  • “On The Bayou” featurette
  • “The Filmmakers” featurette

The Pitch

An ornery gator-man kills teens and hicks ‘cuz he gots all dem teeth and no toothbrush.

The Humans

Director Fred M. Andrews.  Sid Haig.  Daniel “Siro” Bernhardt.  Mehcad “Eggs” Brooks.  Serinda Swan.  Dillon Casey.  Lauren Schneider.  Amanda Fuller.  Aaron Hill.

The Nutshell

A group of young adults on a road trip to New Orleans stop off in some backwater town and decide to go hunting for the legendary cabin of Grimley (Bernhardt) after being persuaded to do so by shop owner Chopper (Haig).  Legend has it that Grimly became Lockjaw (a mutant half-gator dude) after hunting down and murdering the “great white gator” that ate his sister/fiancé.  Apparently going crazy and eating the flesh of your enemy AND your dead incestuous lover will do that…or something.  Nudity, violence, gore, and beastiality ensue.  Also, more incest.

I’d rather look at this weirdo company’s logo for an hour and a half than watch this again.

The Lowdown

It’s a piece of shit.  Is it really THAT hard to craft a decent low-budget creature feature?  Apparently so, even when you have Sidney “I produced Jaws” Sheinberg on the project.  And supposedly this was a passion project for Sid!  Oh, how the mighty have fallen.  Some of the cast do what they can with the material, but are torpedoed at every turn by a terrible writing and inept directing.  Sorry Freddy, but you struck out here.  Honestly, there’s nothing overly positive I can say about the film.  It has decent gore and a good bit of nudity, but so do most horror films these days.  How this ever landed a theatrical release, however brief it might have been, is beyond me.

The only known photograph from Jim Wynorki’s long-lost “TMNT 5: Leatherhead’s Lament”

The Package

The disc contains three featurettes that focus on different aspects of making the film and they are far more entertaining than the feature itself.  It seems like everyone involved had fun making the film and that comes across in the interviews.  It’s just too bad for them that Creature didn’t turn out better.


Out of a Possible 5 Stars