“You wanna hit the Chick Fil-A after?”

James Franco doesn’t need to do anything to prove to us he’s diverse, brave, awesome, and a little batshit. When you fuck out a rocktrapped movie in the midst of an ape epic by way of a soap opera riff, you’re home team. And he’s good in nearly everything he does.

Who would have known the dude was obsessed with the missing forty minutes of William Friedkin’s nutso Cruising? That tale featuring a magnificently coiffed Albert Pacino spent a great deal of time in homosexual periphery of New York’s culture as the cop tried to end a killing spree. Problem is, he had to traipse through a filling spree.

It’s a weird flick (and Ed O’Neill’s feature debut!) but one that is still mentioned when one speaks of the memorable harder edged crime flicks of the late 70’s and early 80’s.

According to Indiewire, James is teaming up with gay art porn guru Travis Mathews to make a companion piece of sorts to the Pacino sexycrime. With full on boner sex.

Recap: A dramatic companion to the somewhat lesser known 1980 oddity.

Crusing is a pretty good flick. I saw it first when I was like eleven. I probably wasn’t the target audience. I watched it again about ten years ago and found it to be staccato in its quality but borderline great at times.

This little experiment is not a feature length project but rather a curiosity that’ll make its debut at an art show. I’m not sure if it’s a full forty minutes and is meant to actually be “extended universe” from the original film (of which the rights weren’t available hence the title James Franco’s Cruising) or if it’s sort of an homage.

With total gay sex.

Say what you want about James Franco, but in a business where you can rape, murder, molest, and steal and endure he’s tackling “gay stuff”. He sadly may be running the risk of Middle America being less inclined to pony up to his future mainstream efforts.

More as it develops.