The Brothers Solomon
has the creepiest poster of the year. I’m not one of those guys who can’t take the sight of a gloriously pregnant woman. Usually it is, indeed, glorious. Especially when the kid ain’t mine. But the belly on display here is just so…big. It’s almost like it holds the combined manpower of both Wills, Arnett and Forte. As if their names in giant above the marquee letters wasn’t enough.

Will Forte wrote this comedy, about two home-schooled brothers who want to have a child to appease their ill father. But they’ve never had much luck with women, becuase they have no social skills. That’s home schooling for you. Which explains why Will Arnett’s character drives like he’s in The Dukes of Hazzard (television schools your kids when you’re not around) and why the brothers play darts as if they were auditioning for a Dumb & Dumber sequel (movies take over for TV after 10).

Hell, why stop at home schooling? Why not make them Mormon, too? I hear those people are idiots!

Bob Odenkirk directed this thing, but there’s not much in the trailer that calls back to his good Mr. Show material. The clips of a dinner between Arnett and Jenna Fischer might be funny if I didn’t feel like I was watching an Arrested Development outtake. But then, Gob is a rock Arnett is still trying to crawl out from under; this is his (latest) chance to prove that he’s got more than a little G-o-b in him, and after this trailer I’m not confident.

Forte, meanwhile, reads most of his lines like he’s just come off a three-day Borat bender. I can see jerk-off college kids do shitty Sacha Baron-Cohen impersonations for free; I’m not convinced I need to pay anyone for the same thing.

Do your own home schooling here.