While this trailer’s opening scenes of our gal working a pole at a “scrip” club may prove frightfully prescient, Lindsay Lohan’s I Know Who Killed Me is not in fact a film about stripping, exactly. It’s a generic-looking dual identity thriller in the vein of Stay or The Number 23 (Yeah, I know. I can barely contain my excitement, too) where we follow a protagonist who has light/dark sides that are supposedly completely different people. Oh, and one or both of them may not exist. And they might be twins. Or zombies. Or terrorists. Or all of the above. Ok, that’s enough ideas for me to throw out to screenwriters.

As for this actual movie, Lindsay Lohan plays Aubrey Fleming, a nice young lady who writes stories about a skanky fictional counterpart named Lindsay Lohan Dakota Moss. After a traumatic kidnapping incident, she awakes in a hospital to find herself confused and thinking she’s another person entirely (To be fair, having Neal McDonough coldly stare into your face as you’re coming to produces the same reaction in a lot of people). Then, “the mystery begins.” I think the nonsense kicks off right about then as well. Along with the aforementioned McDonough, Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon also shows up to break her own lengthy absence from existence as a detective. Lindsay somehow has to stretch her acting abilities to embody this club-dwelling, scantily-clad maneater of an alter-ego. T-Pain shows up and makes it rain. It’s good for the whole family.

But unless you just gotta see Lindsay prance around in thigh-highs and heels and the moments in this trailer aren’t enough, I can’t see too much else that this flick has going for it. But I’ll ask you to decide for yourself as you check out the new trailer in your choice of Quicktime HD formats right here. The film hits theaters July 27.