If there’s any doubt that phase 1 of Marvel’s grand plan for their Cinematic Universe hasn’t had an affect on Hollywood, you need only look to Paramount and their plan with the Jack Ryan reboot. Not only did they hire Thor-director Kenneth Branagh, but turns out they’re looking into casting Man Of Steel star Kevin Costner as William Harper who, it is being posited, may play a Nick Fury figure in the Ryan universe.

You see, Paramount is already having a spin-off film, Without Remorse, rewritten by Christopher McQuarrie so that they can quickly expand the Jack Ryan franchise, with eyes on Tom Hardy to star in that. This would mean Jack Ryan-star Chris Pine would be trained and organized alongside Hardy by Costner, setting things up and tying together strands for an expanding universe of spy films. Maybe Universal will get in on this and Costner will show up after the credits of the next Bourne film and recruit Jeremy Renner into another group of super people.

Whether Branagh casting himself¬†as a villain has any crossover potential remains to be seen, but it definitely seems clear that the director has once again ended up a part of a studio’s scheme to build up a multi-tier franchise.

Perhaps his tripod won’t be broken this time around.

Source | Deadline (via Total Film)