When Universal passed on the giant coproduction of of The Dark Tower from Ron Howard, Stephen King, and Brian Grazer, it seemed more endemic of the overall Hollywood hesitation to finance truly massive project than a judgement on the project itself. Still a new script was written by hot writer Akiva Goldsman, and Russell Crowe was brought in as a new lead. Warner Brothers appeared to be the new hope for the passed-on project, especially considering the studio’s need for new long-term tentpoles post-Potter, post-Dark Knight. Yesterday though, brought the news that even Warners –the steel-balled studio– had passed on the project.

Considering The Dark Tower is conceived as a trilogy of films accentuated by two TV mini-series, not any ole studio has the coin to finance such a thing, so two major passes would have seemed like either a death sentence or a mandate that the project must be scaled down. Alas, out of the shadows comes MRC, a relatively young film financing partner, but one flush and eager. The studio has been partnering with Universal for distribution, so maybe Uni will man up and help out if another studio is taking on production.

Deadline reports a deal will be struck very quickly.

Reportedly MRC, which was behind the hit release of Ted and has Blomkamp’s Elysium up next,  is led by someone with enthusiastic about Stephen King’s series, so Howard & Co. may have found a loving home after all.

(via /Film)