Samuel L. Jackson’s on something of a hotstreak as late. “Choosy” isn’t a word that accurately describes his trajectory, as one of the most prolific working actors has appeared in an awful lot of schlock in the past. But this year and next, Jackson’s popping up in some promising shit. Avengers is going to be an all-time top earner (and stands currently as my favorite film of 2012), Django Unchained hits on Christmas day, and he’s even appearing in that Robocop remake that can go either way. Now comes word that he’ll also be reuniting with Spike Lee for the remake of Old Boy.

I won’t spoil which scene he’s appearing in (though the headline might be enough for some) but you can check out LA Times scoop for a slight hint into the gory details. They also report that Bruce Hornsby will be doin’ work on the score. Hornsby’s collaborated with Lee in the past, and I have no doubt he’ll bring the right tone for this.

Spike Lee’s one of those talented artists who’s directed some of my favorite films and a few that I’d place among my least favorite. I’m hoping Red Hook Summer is a return to indie form, but after Inside Man I also think he has a lot to offer the mainstream. A motivated Spike Lee reuniting with Mister Señor Love Daddy goes a long way in generating some enthusiasm out of me for this remake.

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