Nina Simone is a vital part of the American musical experience. She’s a cornerstone of jazz, blues, and soul and her life is one that lends itself massively to a cinematic adaptation. Her music gets heavy rotation in my personal playlist and her Remix album is absolute and utter gold. But her life was crazy and filled with interesting moments.

It’s surprising a major movie hasn’t made yet. But now one is, and the lady they’ve chosen to portray the legend is the talented, fresh, and oh so beautiful Zoe Saldana. So says THR. The role was originally due to go to Mary J. Blige and people finally realized that was Fucking J. Stupid. I saw Rock of Ages. I know what I’m talking about.

David Oyelowo will join her in the film directed by Cynthia Mort.

Simone has a great body of work, some serious activism, and law trouble in her life. Should be fun. Hell, two hours of Zoe and those great songs is all I need.