Let’s get this started on the right foot: Michael Moore. Just saying his name is enough to bring a host of kneejerk reactions that will override any rational response to whatever else you’re about to say. For the rest of us, there’s discussion, and that’s what the man is good for. Regardless of whether you enjoy, hate, believe, or reject the premise of his films or even the man himself, he’s an effective lightning rod that can thrust just about any social or political topic into the national debate, and that’s always healthy, especially in these days of our myopic corporate media that leaves actual newsreporting to independent journalists and foreign news organizations while keeping us up-to-date on the challenges of being Paris Hilton and Anna Nicole Smith.

With that being said, the trailer for Moore’s newest, Sicko, is exactly what you would expect. His name and visage are presented upfront exactly to illicit the kneejerk reactions and to make people sit up and pay attention. Then, there’s a variety of interview clips and such that thumbnail the ludicrousness of the current US healthcare system. And that’s not being partisan. It’s simple objective truth across the spectrum that it just ain’t working and we’re just arguing about what the solution should be. Take a look at the Quicktime trailer right here, and jump in the debate yourself.