Universal has shuffled the deck once more on their 2013 releases.  The big one this time is 47 Ronin.  Originally scheduled to bow late this year, it had been previously postponed to a February 8th release.  I don’t recall any official reason being given at the time, but apparently this had to do with the need for a week of reshoots and extra time with the FX.  Well, due to the Olympics, it seems they haven’t had time to accomplish these goals over in London.  The film will now arrive next December just in time for the holidays.

An extra week of reshoots to punch up the film?  Extended time to finish the FX?  Being placed in a tentpole slot?  Smells like Universal has some newfound faith in Carl “I almost directed Prometheus, but my father-in-law stole it” Rinsch’s feature film debut.

Anyway, on with the list of announcements and changes…

  • The Jason Bateman/Melissa McCarthy comedy Identity Thief will now open February 8th.
  • Jurassic Park in 3D has been moved up three months to April 5th.  I guess two 3D re-releases starring Goldblum in one month might have been too much for us to handle?
  • Richard Curtis’ About Time will hit screens on May 10th.
  • Kick-Ass 2 is locked & loaded for a June 28th release.
  • The Ryan Reynolds/Jeff Bridges supernatural action flick R.I.P.D. is now set to blast its way onto screens on July 19th.
  • The Denzel/Marky Mark-starrer 2 Guns will unload on August 16th.
  • 47 Ronin will now, of course, arrive December 25th.

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Source | Deadline, ComingSoon