So, I watched The Wizard of Oz last night. It’s strange to think this film is a family classic, all that. It’s so fucking fake. The Lion? Not a real lion. Etc. Etc. All analog effects. And it still works like a charm. Is it nostalgia? Have movies become too dependant on “reality?” Or is the truth that we know it’s all phony anyway, so trying to make something believeable doesn’t allow the audience to go half the way required to making it a communal illusion. I vote the latter, but that should be no surprise. Digital and Analog have their pluses and minuses, but I don’t think I’ve seen a CGI trick as impressive as the work done in Cast Away. But I haven’t watched that in years. As for the half way, is there a better example of that than Wilson the volley-ball? I know a lot of people who felt bad when he drifted off. The communal illusion indeed.