In terms of misguided sequels that retroactively taint the franchise, it seems to be the case that Indiana Jones will be left alone for the time being. That doesn’t mean Indy doesn’t deserve to return to theaters in one way or another though, and today’s news suggests the best possible chance for him to do so is here.

To celebrate the release of the new special edition Blu-ray the entire series, Screencrush has learned that Paramount will be releasing Raiders Of The Lost Ark into IMAX theaters briefly in September. The run will only span the 7th through the 13th, but the release is said to include both Digital IMAX (lieMAX) screens and traditional 70mm theaters.

I can’t imagine this won’t go over rather well, as the beloved film is well deserving of such an epic screen, and the short run should drive up the demand (it worked for Lion King!). I hope it works out, as it will encourage similar re-release of great films that deserve some time on the biggest screens.

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