See, the funny thing is that if there is anyone that could get away with remaking Lawrence Of Arabia and casting Robert Pattinson, it would probably be Werner Herzog. That said, this news ain’t that.

Here’s what’s happening: Werner Herzog has long been developing Queen Of The Desert with Naomi Watts, who will star as Gertrude Bell, a “writer, archaeologist, explorer, cartographer and political attache for the British Empire. One of the first women to graduate from Oxford at the turn of the 20th century, she traveled through the Middle East, defining the borders of Iraq, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.”

Where Pattinson comes in is that he has been cast as the man on which Lawrence of Arabia was based, T.E. Lawrence, who in real life traveled with Bell and was involved with much of that aforementioned border defining.

As has turned out to be the case with others like Affleck, Timberlake, and more recently Tatum, I think the film community is soon going to find itself understanding why so many auteurs are getting their hands on this tween franchise pretty boy. Cosmopolis is not a film for everyone, but it’s definitely going to change some minds concerning the actor, who I noted earlier is doing the paces with Cronenberg to promote their surreal film.

This effort from Herzog will likely be both bigger and more straightforward, so we should all be interested to see what results from this collaboration.

source | Variety