I both love and loathe when one of the big-name game companies has a brand new, non-sequel, non-FPS title to show off. On one hand, it means there’s still creativity out there, with infinite possibilities being powered by the resources to make it all work; on the other, it always reminds me of how increasingly rare that actually is.

To be fair, though, Capcom’s done better with that than most this year. In between the usual Marvel/Street Fighter/Devil May Cry business, they’ve managed to churn out Dragon’s Dogma and Asura’s Wrath, solid games in their own rights and, in the case of Asura’s Wrath, created by cockeyed raving Shintoist lunatics. And then, today, via the Gamescom trade conference in Germany, Capcom dropped this little bombshell on us…

That right there is the first trailer for Remember Me, which has nothing to do with Ed Cullen being in the wrong World Trade Center at the wrong time, but is a new game being published by Capcom that at first glance seems like Inception, The Bourne Identity, and Deus Ex had themselves an orgy in Paris, and this is the result of their illicit union. It is also highly relevant to our collective interests.

Not content to just leave us hanging without ideas of how they’re gonna execute this special little concept hinted by that trailer, there’s also a 7 minute gameplay demo for you to peruse at the bottom of this article. I worry about fledgling developer DONTNOD Entertainment’s reach exceeding their grasp, and the memory remixing suffering from the same problem LA Noire ran into. That’s to say, start playing in an area of human thought that has near infinite variables, only having one solution to every issue will come off as incredibly unsatisfying. On the other hand, this is still pretty fertile territory for a video game to play around in–in fact, IIRC, this is pretty close to what Chris Nolan had brainstormed about should he ever get around to that Inception game he was kicking around for a while–and with the right touch, what we’re seeing in this video could make for a grand breath of fresh air, even if they deliver on half of the promise of these ideas. The game’s already slated for a May 2013 release, so we’ll all be finding out sooner than later.