While the trailer for the film promises the life of killing people from the future and getting paid well to do it may not be everything it’s cracked up to be, I suspect you’d still like to give the life a shot.

Well now’s your chance.

A new site LooperNetwork.com will allow you to sign up for the Looper Corps. (or whatever their name would be) and get your own chance to join the ranks of 2045’s most efficient assassins. That said, you’re going to have a hell of a time catching up with Joe, if the rankings stay as they are…

The site currently allows you to sign up for email updates, get your ID badge, select some of your weapons and vehicles. The actual mini-game missions, whatever they may turn out to be, don’t begin till August 22nd, so you have some time to contemplate a life of crime, or brush up on your blunderbuss gun skills if you’ve got no qualms (examples of these wicked devices at the bottom).

Here’s my ID! Get your own made and share it on FB if you like.

Looper hits theaters on September 28th, after debuting at TIFF. The official site is here.

I know some online folks are receiving engraved metal plates, like you might find on a looping victim’s back (I’ve assumed that’s the payment in gold for the job?). I’m not super cool enough to have gotten one, but I hear a certain CHUD webmaster did, so perhaps we’ll see what one looks like soon.