If there was any real breakout performance from Cabin In The Woods this year, it was definitely Fran Kranz, who took the stoner role in an ensemble and graced it with more charm than it usually gets (or even deserves).

We’ll next be seeing Kranz in Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing, the director’s Shakespearean follow-up to his action figure smash fest. Fran is looking ahead though, as he’s just locked in a role as the lead in Murder Of A Cat, a project with a blacklist script that will be directed by Gillian Greene-Raimi. He’s replacing Jay Baruchel, which is a thing that should pretty much always happen.

And you read the headline correctly- the better half of the Spider-Man and Oz director, Greene-Raimi hasn’t directed much beyond an episode of Battlestar Galactica in the 70s, but being the daughter of successful TV actor Lorne Greene, she’s showbusiness born and bred. She’ll be taking on a clever-sounding story of a man who finds his pet cat murdered and, after discovering his cat also spent time with a young woman, joins up with the animal’s other secret owner to get to the bottom of the murder.

J.K. Simmons will also be involved, along with Dianne Simmons.

source | Coming Soon