What’s better than seeing The Expendables 2 this week? Howabout seeing The Expendables 2 for free, in D-BOX? See Sylvester Stallone punch through heads in the immersive, motion simulation seats that move with the action. It means that, when Dolph Lundgren or Terry Crews unload a buck shot into a bad guy: you will feel it.

Indeed, I’m giving away two free passes to The Expendables Double Feature happening at Theatres of Mall of America at 9:30 this Thursday, 8/16. But that’s not all, the winners of this happenin’ giveaway will also receive his and her Expendables 2 t-shirts and two pairs of kickass dog tags that will make you the envy of dog tag enthusiasts the world over. Here’s how to win:

  • Send an e-mail to TimFromCHUD@gmail.com

  • Include the Subject Header “I AM EXPENDABLE TOO”

  • In 100-200 words, tell me your favorite action movie and why.

Best answer wins. This contest ends at 12:00PM ET on Wednesday, at which point I will e-mail the winner immediately and hook them up with their two free D-BOX passes and Expendables 2 swag.

Best of luck! General admission tickets are still available right here, and you can buy D-BOX passes at the Theatres MOA box office. But this is the best deal you’re going to get.

My inbox is looking forward to hearing from you, let’s start the insanity!