Just as suddenly as it appeared, IBelieveInHarveyDentToo.com seems to have disappeared, leaving behind just a black page with “Page Not Found.” But if you highlight the entire page you’ll see a long series of ‘Hahahaha’s  – and a hidden message Secreted amidst the ha ha has is “See You In December” – possibly referring to the debut of the first trailer for The Dark Knight?

Now it’s time to start mercilessly deconstructing the layout of the ha ha has, trying to figure out which iteration of the Clown Prince of Crime they reflect. Then we should promptly start arguing about it on message boards all over the web.  But before that, let’s take a moment to tip our hats to Warner Bros for one of the more interesting viral campaigns in memory, and a good way of staying a step ahead of leakers who would probably soon drop a legitimate unauthorized pic on the web.

And since the picture of The Joker is now gone from the site, here’s what it looked like, for posterity: