The song choice for this trailer is pretty sharp, as this film is definitely going to appeal to red-blooded American High School football players who blast Five Finger Death Punch or whatever the fuck from their F-150’s speakers in the school parking lot. I’m seeing a lot of crap rock filmmaking as pretty whiteys take back a little ole US town from the evil (interchangeable) Asians who, instead of calling our loans after years of financial irresponsibility, are just straight up attacking us, giving these kids (and audiences) license to watch them get shredded by automatic gunfire. This should play very well to the paranoid and bitter for sure, all while passing as another typical Hollywood action film by virtue of the usual modern hyper-EMP that makes this dumb, outdated concept seem plausible. I expect the NRA to bus members to this film the way churches bussed congregates to The Passion Of Mel’s Christ, all while ignoring the obvious irony of celebrating a story of Americans as insurgents.

I’m super enthused by this bullshit, can you tell?