source close to the production of Indiana Jones IV (still, as far as we know, unofficially called Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods, but more on that later) has divulged some information to us about the film’s shooting locations, opening set piece and what kind of a character Shia LaBeouf will be playing.

According to ‘Belloq,’ Indy IV is going to be shooting outside of Los Angeles, in New Haven, Connecticut, in New Mexico and in Hawaii. ‘Belloq’ also tells us that the opening action scene of the film will pit Dr. Jones against Russians agents in Area 51 – which is interesting, as this is a major similarity to the Frank Darabont draft that confirms my belief that much of what was in that script has made its way into what will be filmed this summer.

One thing that is different from Darabont’s draft is the addition of Shia LaBeouf’s character; ‘Belloq’ tells us that LaBeouf is going to be playing a greaser, wearing jeans and a leather jacket and riding around on a motorcycle. He also says that Indy and Shia will be thrown together in this adventure but will not learn they’re related until a pivotal action scene.

I’m holding back some details, but from what ‘Belloq’ tells me, and from my own quick reading through the Darabont draft, I would say that the main storyline remains roughly the same – it involves crystal skulls and takes its cues from Chariots of the Gods. Interestingly, there have been rumors of a video game tie in being released next year with the title Indiana Jones and the Staff of Moses; I checked with other sources and while I can’t confirm anything, this seems to be a stand-alone adventure and does not reflect the title or storyline of Indiana Jones IV.

Take all of this with caution: my sources are legit, but none of them have their hands on the latest script, and there is still tinkering going on. However, I do believe that it’s too late in the game to change the main storyline, so I feel pretty confident that we’ll see Indiana Jones in South American temples and involved with aliens.