Film  Dollar (hey!)  Per Screen  Total
 1  Shrek the Third  $122,000,000  $29,597  $122,907,000
 2  Spider-Man 3  $28,500,000 (-51.0%)  $6,591  $281,858,000
 3  28 Weeks Later  $5,150,000 (-47.5%)  $2,234  $18,611,000
 4  Disturbia  $3,675,000 (-22.4%)  $1,442  $71,323,000
 5  Georgia Rule  $3,493,000 (-48.4%)  $1,380  $12,614,000
 6  Fracture  $2,460,000 (-16.7%)  $1,530  $34,712,000
 7  Delta Farce  $1,840,000 (-46.2%)  $952  $6,126,000
 8  The Invisible  $1,308,000 (-43.5%)  $949  $17,661,000
 9  Hot Fuzz  $1,255,000 (-26.9%)  $1,289  $21,079,000
 10  Waitress  $1,135,000 (+72.8%)  $9,784  $2,176,000

I said on Thursday, and I quote:

1. Shrek the Third – $120 Million
2. Spider-Man 3 – $28 Million
3. 28 Weeks Later – $5.7 Million
4. Disturbia - $4 Million
5. Georgia Rule - $3.9 Million

Damn, I’m psychic! Beat for beat, pound for pound, Shrek the Third may be a pile of the crap, but when the commercial says "put the masks on," the kids listened, and therefore you have a gross that’s slightly above the last picture, a huge opening regardless, but something that’s not so huge it challenges any records (to think, it was 2002 that finally broke the $100 million weekend cherry. Now weekends are going ATM. Weekends turned into a butt slut). Everybody’s happy. Expect it to perform very, very well next weekend, but that four day Pirates number’s going to be pretty crazy.

Spidey dropped it like it’s hot, and by the middle of Memorial Day weekend, it should cross that $300 Million mark. For all the bad juju, reviews and such, there’s going to be money in the bank, even if the DVD sales are disappointing. The other notable is that Hot Fuzz, the best film of the year so far, has crossed that $20 million dollar mark. Fuzz is in a good position: multiplexes are going to want to have more than three films come next week, and if you look at that per screen, they’re more than likely to shed Delta Farce or The Invisible than it, so it may stick around some markets and get to a respectable near-$30 Million.

Disturbia has no shot at going nine digits, but that is a huge win for everyone involved, while Georgia Rule keeps sucking like it’s Lindsay Lohan. These jokes write themselves (or I should say, "thank you Comp-u-bot 3000"). I got my first two emails about this column last week in regards to a Lohan joke I made (I suggested she dig up Akira Kurosawa and skeet skeet skeet*). One thought I was pretty funny (L.O.L.) the other that I was crossing the line. Mixed signals, readers! Next thing you know we’ll be back at my place, and you’ll be like "I’m going to take my clothes off but don’t touch me."

Waitress is looking to carve itself a spot as the Indie Summer hit, though we’ll see what happens when it (or if it) expands. Since the director was not only a respected indie actress but also killed in a bizarre murder, it’s hard to say at this juncture if people like it or are paying respects to Adrianne Shelly. Either is fine with me.

*All Dellamortes involved know that skeeting, such as it is, is a practice usually reserved for men. Not only am I equal opportunity, I’ve been alerted to a sexual practice that allows women to do something similar.