Lars Von Trier’s Nymphomaniac will be shooting before long, which will have the director putting lens to pornographic and softcore versions of his next film simultaneously. Already set to be joined by Charlotte Gainsbourg and Stellan Skarsgard, Von Trier has also secured a cameo from Nicole Kidman (perhaps she’ll just come in at the end and shoot up the place?), and now looks to have another major star involved… Shia LaBeouf.

From his genuinely odd video directing work with Marilyn Manson, to starring in mature music videos, through his many indie films (both shot and lined up), LaBeouf has definitely been jerking the steering wheel to the right hard after completing his turn in the multi-billion dollar Transformers trilogy. Acting in an explicit Lars Von Trier film sounds like exactly what LaBeouf would like to be doing right now.

It’s not yet confirmed however, and there is no word on the size of his part. Role. Role in the movie.

Source | THR