That’s the first picture of The Joker from The Dark Knight, thanks to themykra, from the message boards.

The other day we told you about the ‘I Believe In Harvey Dent’ fake campaign site for The Dark Knight. It turns out the speculation was true: the site was part of a viral campaign, as showed up soon after. The image of Dent was defaced to have red lips and black eyes. There was a spot where you could input your email – you would be mailed back a coordinate which, when punched back into the site, would take away one pixel of the main picture, revealing what was below. And what was below was that picture of The Joker.

Hurray to Warner Bros for setting up such a fun little game to reveal the film’s villain (doing it on a Saturday seemed to be saying ‘Ha ha, you have nothing better with your weekend,’ of which I also approve). I do have to say that The Joker, who seems to have a big slash across his face giving him that smile, looks more than a little like Colonel Kurtz from Apocalypse Now. Maybe Ledger’s going to mumble all his lines.