It seems while Papa Cronenberg is off exploring the (mostly) less icky forces of psychology, greed, along with our social and economic structures, his son Brandon is looking to honor the Cronenberg name with copious body horror antics in his first film, Antiviral. It’s interesting to see one of Cronenberg’s brood come along and play around in the man’s wheelhouse right as Cronenberg Sr. truly gets balls deep into this new style of filmmaking he’s been cultivating through Cosmopolis*. Brandon’s effort is definitely looking for the vibe that powered his father’s early work, but it’s also got a very modern look and a timely bit of satire to explore. Also looks a little cheap and cheesy, but I still get the sense this could be a freaky and smart flick.

I don’t know that filmmaking chops are genetic, but I’m happy to see what kind of work will come from a man born from and raised around one of the most interesting filmmakers in the world. David Cronenberg has evolved into a masterful craftsman, but he started off making very singular films from sheer raw talent that — hopefully — just might have been passed down.

The film will debut at TIFF.

Antiviral follows Syd March, an employee at a clinic that sells injections of live viruses harvested from sick celebrities to obsessed fans. Biological communion – for a price. Syd also supplies illegal samples of these viruses to piracy groups, smuggling them from the clinic in his own body. When he becomes infected with the disease that kills super sensation Hannah Geist, Syd becomes a target for collectors and rabid fans. He must unravel the mystery surrounding her death before he suffers the same fate.

Source | Bloody Disgusting


*look for a review in the next couple of days, as I gather my very liquid thoughts into a coherent puddle