’ Aces wasn’t a flop – it cost about 15 million and made about 35 million – but it wasn’t a smash hit, so Joe Carnahan’s dreams of making a prequel film that focused on the fan-favorite Tremor Brothers, those Mad Max-esque psychopaths, looked pretty unlikely. Until the film hit DVD, that is, where it began kicking all kinds of ass.

Now Joe has revealed on his blog that Universal has come to him for a direct to video prequel that would feature the Tremors:

FINALLY. Universal wants to move ahead with a direct-to-video prequel of ‘Smokin’ and asked me if I wanted to Godfather the thing and make sure we did a really cool story. The DVD numbers ‘Smokin’ Aces’ has done are astounding and they want to strike while the iron is hot. Whatever reluctance I have is alleviated by the fact that we can really do this balls out, hardcore prequel and not be constrained by ratings or any other puritanical MPAA bullsh*t. That I love.

Updates to follow.

I’m interested in this as long as Carnahan is involved – but I also don’t want him directing. Obviously he has better things to do (like White Jazz this fall), but having him as the executive producer watching over everything, and giving some upstart maniac director a chance to shine a little bit, could be very cool. When Joe lets us know more we’ll let you know more.