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# 80 – Formula 51

The grudge match between Mary Poppins and Riki-Oh was not to be missed.

Formula 51:

Known in America as Formula 51, this rather weak kilt-wearing Samuel L. Jackson starrer featured a decent supporting cast in Hitler-to-be Robert Carlyle, Sean Pertwee, and everyone’s favorite crooner, Meat Loaf. When Sam Jackson slips the ultimate mickey into the drink of Mr. Loaf, that’s when the fun begins. As he’s stumbling back and forth clutching his stomach, the camera cuts between images of him crying out in pain and the shifting liquid content of his portly belly. It’s a bad effect, but it helps get the point across that all isn’t well with Meat, which is exactly the case. Sensing the impending doom, Sam ignores the age old adage that you don’t open umbrellas indoors and deploys one anyway. He barely makes it, as right when the brolly opens up, so too does Meat Loaf; he explodes, sending all parts of the one time Robert Paulson smattering around the room and coating the walls in blood and assorted bodily gore. It is an unexpected scene, which makes it all the more. (S.M.)


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* – Reprinted from 2003