This is gonna be Murphy’s partner? I’d rather see him as Clarence Boddicker. Who’s with me?

I’d heard of The Wire, but never saw any of it until I got the boxset and blazed through it last year. One of the most memorable characters is Omar Little. A “Robin Hood” like character who takes money and kills bad guys. The character is made all the more memorable because of Michael K. Williams’ performance.

Now he’s been cast in the ever growing with major characters remake of Robocop. If it also plays out like it’s described, he will be Robocop’s partner in the remake. So unless it’s just a cameo, and he’s the partner from the other station that Murphy was at, there will be no Anne Lewis in this film.

I hate to keep saying it, but with the cast that this thing is assembling, I’m going to have to see it just for them.

source: Bloody-Disgusting