There’s not much to say here. He was behind Marvel’s first billion-and-a-half dollar success, with nearly universal acclaim… The Avengers 2 has never not been Wheon’s gig to take, and he’s taken it.

In a call with investors, Bog Iger of Disney announced that the director has officially confirmed that he will direct the second Avengers films, once Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America have all had their sequels, and Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy have had their debuts. This is a 2015 release at best, so we’ll be trickling out villain, story thread, and easter egg rumors for years, all knowing Marvel’s recently-crowned king is behind it all.

The only vaguely unexpected news here is that Whedon has also signed on to develop the ABC show that will take place in the Marvel universe, based around as-yet undetermined characters.

More info may come from this call, so keep an eye out. That said, this is the meat to chew on.

source | Film Stage