! Movies has posted the newest trailer for The Transformers, and if this one doesn’t make a believer out of you, then you’re going to just have to be content with jacking off to your cartoon DVD sets. The trailer, which includes some amazing scenes of robot transformations and action, sets up the film to be what I realized it was when I visited the set last summer – an alien invasion movie.

Click here to see the new trailer. I really think that this is going to be the big film of the year, beating the May movies. It looks like Steven Spielberg working with Michael Bay could be the formula needed to make a truly great action film – although we’re going to have to wait to see for sure on July 4th.

And keep tuned in here, as I’m about to start running coverage of that set visit, which has finally been approved for publication (the coverage was embargoed – the studio has not had a look at what I’ve written).