The official site for The Dark Knight, which has been showing a Bat Signal for the last week or two, has updated with… a link! The link takes you to, which right now only has a ‘campaign’ image of Dent running for District Attorney. Technically, this is the first image of Aaron Eckhart as Dent, who becomes Two-Face (quite possibly by the end of this film, depending on how similar the final product is to the scriptment that the Nolan Brothers had this time last year).

Yeah, it’s not much of anything, but I know you guys are hungry like the wolf when it comes to Dark Knight news. I wonder if this is going to turn into something, like a full on campaign site for Dent. I looked at the code for clues, and while there’s javascript in there (beats me why), I couldn’t find much else that told me anything. Maybe one of you cats can figure out if this site is the opening gambit in something more interesting.